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  • Hot off the press: Barça wears replay


    That's right,  here at Accent we are excited to announce that one of our most popular brands Replay have signed a 4 year deal with one of the world's most prestigious football clubs FC Barcelona to become the official sponsor of clothing and footwear for the first team and club. The Italian company Fashion Box, which boasts a series of top quality denim clothes lines under the names of Replay, Replay & Sons, We Are Replay and Red Sea are extremely excited about this new venture:  Fashion Box CEO, Matteo Sinigaglia, commented: “We are more than thrilled with this alliance. Both Replay
    and FC Barcelona make the maximum effort to get excellence in their respective fields and Barça are not just a
    partner for us, they are also a great source of inspiration. This is the first time that a denim company have
    moved into the world of football. We are certain that the product we are developing for them will surprise the
    whole world”.

    Replay will create both an official clothing and a “smart casual” line for the first team. The deal between the
    Italian company and Barça – who are famous for their singularly attractive style of play, represents a pioneering
    commitment to innovation. Replay will invent a new way to use denim, where the traditional jeans concept
    embraces the realm of fine tailoring. The famous indigo fabric will, for the FC Barcelona athletes, become a
    deluxe textile creating a unique and exclusive superlight suit.

    FC Barcelona’s General Director, Antoni Rossich, also expressed his satisfaction with the deal: “ Fashion Box
    is a leading company in its sector and Replay is a well-known prestigious brand, which like our teams, boasts
    its own unique personality. Its products are fresh, dynamic and young and have a style which we feel clearly
    identified with. We also share a clear commitment to the global market - in our case with our fans and in theirs
    with their clients throughout the world”.

    Take a look at Accent's Replay for FC Barcelona collection

    127226_replay_jns_anbass_fc_bc_jeans-2 127239_replay_stonewash_denimfc_bar_shirt-2 127233_replay_jns_waitom_fc_ba_jeans-2

    Replay Anbass FC Barcelona Jeans         Replay FC Barcelona Denim Shirt        Replay Waitom FC Barcelona Jeans

    £124.99                                                             £89.99                                                               £124.99

    So who are Fashion box?

    Fashion Box, which was founded in 1981, has its HQ in Asolo (Treviso), but currently sells to over 50 countries
    all over the world - in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, America and Africa . The company has its own chain of
    200 independent shops and a distribution network which covers more than 3,000 multi-brand selling points.
    The company promotes and markets casual wear, shoes and accessories for men, women and children under
    the brand names Replay, Replay & Sons, We are Replay and Red Seal.

    Who are Barça ?

    FC Barcelona current first team is held by many to be amongst the best of all time. Founded in November 1899, the Club has 170,000 members, who are collectively its owners. Throughout its history, Barça have enjoyed plenty of success, in particular 4
    Champions Leagues and 22 Spanish League titles. The Club is also known for its slogan “mes que un club” –
    more than a club - which reflects its social commitment, its Catalan identity, the wide range of sports it
    practices, a commitment to home grown players and a style of play based on attack and possession football.


      Click on the image to watch the official video.

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