Why missing out on Rio won’t stop Jack Bateson!





“Before I knew it I was having my first fight at 11 and a year or so later I was boxing for England”


Recently at Accent we collaborated with home grown Leeds athlete Jack Bateson. Here at Accent Clothing we love to support local talent and Jack is no exception. He may have missed out on the Rio Olympics but the young boxer has already become 2x Senior ABA Champion, a European Bronze Medallist and has a Sky Scholarship at only 21 years old!

The determined sportsman teamed up with us at Accent to give an insight into his daily life, talk inspirations, future goals and why not making it to Rio won’t stop him succeeding.

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Why did you chose boxing, was it something you’ve always wanted to do from being young? How did you get into the sport, were there any family influences, did you have friends who boxed?

Growing up my dad and uncle were both coaches and my brother was a boxer, my brother quit boxing at the age of 12 and he’s 3 years older than me, when he quit my dad used to go down to the gym by himself. I was 9 years old myself and had never really been interested, my dad kept going down and kept asking me if I wanted to go down to the gym, I kept saying no and he kept asking me, so I went down and before I knew it I was having my first fight at 11 and a year or so later I was boxing for England so. I lost my first fight for England but then that motivated me to get back in to the gym and keep training and it sort of just went from there really and then 10/11 years later I’m still doing it now.


What do you enjoy the most about boxing?



What’s the next step in your career after unfortunately not making Rio?

For me at the minute with not going to the Olympics, that was a bit of a low blow to be honest because that’s what I’ve always been aiming to do, but now I’m just going to have to think about things and where I go, whether I wanna stay another 2 years and go to the Commonwealth games or even stay another 4 years as an amateur and obviously go to the next Olympics. My feelings at the minute are thinking about starting next year and turning professional, getting on televised shows on Sky sports and making a name for myself in the Pro world rather than trying the amateur games – it sounds like that’s the route I will probably take.


 What has been your biggest achievement so far?

My biggest achievement so far is winning 2 Senior BA titles at 2 different weights and then a European Bronze Senior Medal


And finally, what are your dreams/aspirations for the future?

To become a world champion in the professional ranks and then hopefully box on sky sports and on tv and box at the Leeds arena one day and maybe sell that out

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