‘The identity of the woman is more important than the identity of the designer’

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Accent welcomes a new brand for SS19, Anonyme. Fill up your Summer wardrobe with bright colours and refreshing patterns. The brand, inspired by women, femininity and the city of Rome is breaking the barriers of fashion; aiming its focus towards beauty and empowerment instead of who designed it or how much it costs,

We refuse to accept that high-end equals high prices’.

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‘Fashion is about expressing the essence of who you are’

Buy the Claudia dress here (left) and the Emma dress here

Accent are stocking a range of unique and fun pieces that show the brand’s range of style, silhouettes and prints. Anonyme gets its name from its designers choosing to remain anonymous, their main focus is on seeking to empower women to find their own uniqueness and individuality through the collections.

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‘our designs are a vehicle through which every woman can express emotions, share feelings and reveal what is inside of her’

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