Quay Australia x Jlo

A new collaboration have seen the day between Jennyfer Lopez and the famous brand QuayAustralia.

JLo has launched its collection of sunglasses with several styles and shapes defined by luxe metal accents, oversized shapes, and flashy lens finishes. 

“Sunglasses have always been an important part of my wardrobe,” Jennifer said. “I love how easy it is to change my mood by just putting on a pair of sunglasses. Self-expression and confidence are so important to me, and that powerful feeling you get when you put on a great pair of sunglasses is part of that” 

QUAY x JLO offers a range of 6 different pairs, with shapes ranging from the classic aviator to a bold cat eye and before you go thinking they’ll cost hundreds of pounds, get this: they’re just £45 a pair.

Jlo chose the brand Quay Australia to create her first sunglass collection because it is a brand she particularly likes and that she also wears regularly.And you know what ? You can find two pairs of sunglasses of her collection in our store !! The sunglasses ” el dinero” and ” get right

We made a tour of the pieces that combine perfectly with his sunglasses for a chic look for the summer seasons

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EMPORIO ARMANI Metallic Bowler Bag to give a chic way to your outfit

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