Streetwear 2019: Top 5 Trends

The core element of streetwear is all about making a statement, mixing things up in order to create a unique fit centred round your own individual style. Streetwear fashion is a casual form of style that has continued to evolve since the 90’s, following a variety of different interpretations along the way; from Hip hop inspired to indie skater boys, outfits have continued to be influenced by generic sporty twists, sleek athletic lines, different textures and baggy silhouettes no matter what the decade is.

Baggy Silhouettes

Baggy cuts are timeless in streetwear fashion, an element of style that has been around since the 80’s and has definitely come back to play. There is no denying that there has been a definitive jump from fitted silhouettes to pure unrestricted bagginess, not that anyone is complaining if the result equals comfier clothes. If you’re aiming to switch up your style, the baggy cut trend is an easy one to follow, all it takes is a bigger size than your regular fit and you’re good to go; However, if you’re new to the game going for a garment that’s designed to be oversized is always an option, one that will help you avoid any ‘ready for bed’ vibes.

Trail & Outdoor Performance Gear

In recent years outdoor performance gear was something you would catch your dad in when he’s ready for a Sunday hike, but as previously mentioned streetwear has continued to evolve over the decades and has now taken performance gear under its wing.  Now that you can find outfits suitable for mountain walking on a Parisian catwalk, talking fashion tips from a marathon runner has never felt so good. With the streetwear trend continuing to integrate garments that are made out of more high-tech materials such as Gore-Tex, maybe there is something slightly satisfying about knowing what you’re wearing can perform a specific function if needed.

Graphic Prints & 70’s Textiles

Who knew that 2019 would be the year you start copying your old man’s clobber? With more people than ever donning attire featuring punchy retro logo’s and bold graphic prints; pair these with a vintage flannel shirt and there’s some major 70’s vibes flowing.  When it comes to graphic prints the more vibrant and eye catching the better, perfect as a statement piece in an outfit! While making sure to keep the textures to a minimum, sticking to a one piece rule means you can add texture without over doing it.


With the weather getting colder streetwear is an ideal trend for the winter months, not only will incorporating multiple layers into your ‘fit keep you warm, it also allows for a combination of styles; layering different garments enables you to mix things up creating a unique outfit, whether you opt for an oversized sweatshirt, large puffer jacket or a flannel shirt, there is a streetwear style to suit everyone. Layering works best when the garments vary in thickness and length, starting off with your longest layer first allows the edge of each garment to be visible below the other, meaning you can easily achieve that streetwear style that is so on trend.

Dad Sneakers

Dad style sneakers are back with a bang and the perfect choice to finish off any streetwear inspired outfit, the term dad sneakers originating from a casual shoe or sneaker that would typically appeal to a ‘dad’ due to its comfort element. Dad sneakers are usually characterized by their thick uppers and big chunky soles, often designed with patterns that look like they originated back in the 80’s and 90’s.

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