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  • Football Players Style

    David Beckham always seems to nail it when it comes to fashion...okay football too but lets stick to the subject in hand - this ensemble is just spot on!

    Whether like Beckham here, you are travelling abroad, going out for a bite to eat with the family or just having a mooch around your local shopping centre, this is the ultimate easy to wear outfit. Lets look at exactly how we can steal his look...

    david beckham5



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  • Hot off the press: Barça wears replay


    That's right,  here at Accent we are excited to announce that one of our most popular brands Replay have signed a 4 year deal with one of the world's most prestigious football clubs FC Barcelona to become the official sponsor of clothing and footwear for the first team and club. The Italian company Fashion Box, which boasts a series of top quality denim clothes lines under the names of Replay, Replay & Sons, We Are Replay and Red Sea are extremely excited about this new venture:  Fashion Box CEO, Matteo Sinigaglia, commented: “We are more than thrilled with this alliance. Both Replay
    and FC Barcelona make the maximum effort to get excellence in their respective fields and Barça are not just a
    partner for us, they are also a great source of inspiration. This is the f

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